【日本語不問 Japanese language not required】社内SE In-house SE


【日本語不問 Japanese language not required】社内SE In-house SE


Information Technology



We utilize advanced computer systems and a variety of advanced equipment to provide value-added solutions for variable volume, high-mix, and small-lot production.


【おもな得意先】アイシン精機(株)、CKD(株)、(株)ジェイテクト、中央発條(株)、中庸スプリング(株)、デンソー機工(株)、(株)豊田自動織機 等。


We have an affiliate company in Vietnam.




・環境:VB6,Visual Studio.net ,SQL Server/Oracle


Maintenance and operation of internal information systems

1. Target: AD, antivirus, web security, OS update management

2. Environment: VB6,Visual Studio.net ,SQL Server/Oracle

You will work extensively as a member of the core system replacement/MES implementation project.


愛知県名古屋市  Nagoya, Aichi


無期雇用 permanent employment


  • 年収: 600 万円 ~ 900 万円 ( 月収: 35 万円 ~ )

Annual income:6,000,000 - 9,000,000 JPY ( Monthly income : 350,000 JPY -)

  • 賞与: 年 2 回

Bonus: Twice a year


・08:30 ~ 17:30 休憩時間 60分

・残業: 月 20 時間程度


・8:30-17:30 ( Rest time: 60 minutes )

・Overtime: Approximately 20 hours per month

・Remote work is possible depending on the situation. Flex work is possible.


・年間休日 121 日

・有給休暇 初年度 10 日 ( 7 か月目~ )




・Annual holidays: 121 days

・Paid vacation 10 days in the first year (after 7 months)

・Two days off per week (Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays)

・Holidays will be adjusted to Toyota's calendar. In FY2020, 8 out of 10 holidays were work days.


・健康保険 厚生年金 雇用保険 労災保険




・Health Insurance, Welfare Pension, Employment Insurance, Workers' Compensation Insurance

・Retirement allowance (for employees who have been with the company for at least three years)

・Company trip (once every two years / voluntary participation)

・Company housing system (Up to 10 years. There is an upper limit depending on the number of people in the household and the floor plan).



Business level English


The IT department will make English the common language in the company by the end of the decade. We welcome those who have already acquired a high level of English proficiency.



4 years and more experience in similar work



・社内環境のWindows更新管理、サーバ運用経験(Windows、Linux、VM Ware、Hyper-V)、Back up/Restore経験(Backup Exec、Veeam等)

・IIS/ Apache他等のWebサーバ構築、運用経験



[Required Experience]

・System development, user support, implementation/operation of internal information systems (AD, anti-virus, web security, etc.), IT equipment management/purchasing/kitting

・Experience in Windows update management and server operation for internal environment (Windows, Linux, VM Ware, Hyper-V), Back up/Restore experience (Backup Exec, Veeam, etc.)

・Experience in building and operating web servers using IIS, Apache, etc./

・Creating BI dashboards

・Experience in modeling demand/production/inventory capacity, etc., using production engineering/statistical methods/econometrics, etc., and implementing them in practice


・データベース(SQL Server / Oracle 他) 構築/運用経験、SQLコーディング (T-SQL/PL-SQL含)、JP1によるタスクのスケジューリング


・ITIL関連資格、リーン生産方法、Six Sigmaの知見


[Preferred Experience]

・Database (SQL Server / Oracle, etc.) construction/operation experience, SQL coding (including T-SQL/PL-SQL), task scheduling using JP1

・System requirements definition/specification creation, coordination with internal users

・ITIL related certifications, lean manufacturing methods, and Six Sigma knowledge

・Experience working for a foreign company in Europe or the United States





Driver's license (There will be an opportunity to drive to the head office/data center/branches for emergency response during the hours when there is no public transportation).




・People who are always aware that they are the leading experts and are responsible for the company's IT.

・University degree or higher



a small number of people


随時 at any time



Application screening→Two interviews→Offer